25W FM Transmitter

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The 25W FM transmitter, EM 25 DIG PLUS, is made up with the most modern available technology so as to provide the maximum performance at minimal cost, while fully meeting the technical regulations. Flexibility, quality, compactness and low electrical consumption make this 25W FM transmitter one of the best offered on the market today. It can also be supplied with an internal digital stereo generator board (60dB separation).

These are the main features of the 25W FM transmitter manufactured by OMB:
• Super-compact size and reduced weight.
• Low performance costs.
• Robust modular construction.
• Easy to use and to configure. The transceiver uses a control interface, which is equipped with a large LCD screen, a multifunction knob, and few other buttons.
• Nominal RF output power over the full FM range particularly stable against time.
• Power section entirely modular and highly reliable.
• RF output stage has a reverse intermodulation figure lower than the standard bipolar construction.
• Low level of dissipation.
• Stable, reliable power supply.
• Easy diagnostics and easy-to-read parameters.
• Compliance with the strictest regulations.
• Optionally Telemetry TCP/IP, SNMP, Webserver.