OMB Broadcast is a company born more than 32 years ago following the company called “Electrónica Ormad” created in 1965 and dedicated to the manufacture of TV remitters. OMB Broadcast, with a fully Spanish shareholding and with an exporting vocation, has achieved recognition within the sector.
OMB is a company specialized in the production of antenna systems, radio transmitters and TV transmitters, so our products have reached a high technological level to adapt to our customers’ final needs. Thus, we can find OMB products in countries as technologically demanding and developed as the United States, and also in countries with extreme environmental conditions and techniques such as Ghana, on the African continent.
With more than 12.000 antenna systems installed, more than 9.000 FM transmitters and nearly 2.000 television transmitters, OMB is in a leading position within the global telecommunications network. Also, OMB has played an important role in the recent development of digital television in Spain.