A total of twelve transmitters of the EM 2000 HE series have been installed in Ethiopian territory.

Our Ethiopian clients rely on the long tradition of OMB BROADCAST as a manufacturer of radio and television transmitters and antenna systems. As a result, OMB BROADCAST has been awarded the contract to carry out this project successfully. Ethiopian technicians and engineers have visited our facilities in Zaragoza to receive the appropriate instructions for handling, installation and maintenance of the transmitters.

For this project they have used high redundancy 1+1 transmitters with double exciter for our 2KW transmitters of the EM 2000 HE series, with Hot-Plug and Hot-Swap power supplies. The main advantages of these transmitters are their low power consumption thanks to the use of last generation transistors and our high efficiency amplifier, the possibility of extracting and inserting the power supplies from the front panel, their Webserver and GSM telemetry system that allows the remote management of all the parameters, the use of our ATS-5 automatic change for switching between transmitters and exciters, DDS (Direct Digital Synthesis) modulation, AES/EBU digital audio and optical inputs, etc.

OMB BROADCAST appreciates the trust placed in our products and our experience.