OMB has designed, fabricated and delivered seventeen integrated dual channel FM Broadcast systems for turn-key installation in areas without current FM coverage.

Each system incorporates satellite receivers, FM transmitters and an integrated dual channel diplexer. The system also includes satellite receive antennas and an FM transmission antenna array tailored for the desired coverage at each destination.

The systems were packaged in outdoor cabinets incorporating all of the elements necessary for quick installation in the field in a turn-key configuration.

OMB is a leading designer and manufacturer of state-of-the-art integrated broadcast systems, including systems for multichannel FM and Multichannel Television broadcast applications. The systems were installed immediately following delivery to provide quick entry into service without the need of specialized equipment.


Highlights and Benefits:

  • Integrated, turn-key package
  • Dual channel configuration
  • Simple structure and easy installation
  • Several output powers available
  • Complete documentation and customer training package