Now aligned with the Abrans Group, a global leader in wireless communications, OMB’s presence highlights their significant role in driving innovation across wireless communications worldwide. This partnership propels OMB toward a new horizon, leveraging cutting-edge 5G Broadcast technology, as showcased at the recent NAB meeting. Recognizing the pivotal role of mobile phones, the direct broadcasting to phones will be crucial for our growth within this landscape and will emerge as pivotal for OMB’s Global expansion.

OMB main offices strategically situated in Spain and the USA (Miami and Los Angeles) have enabled OMB to consolidate its reach beyond Europe. What began as a European operation is now a worldwide presence, thanks to OMB’s efficient commercial and technical services across North and South America, Africa and Asia.

OMB participation at NAB Show 2024 underscores their ongoing commitment of the company to shaping the future of broadcasting technology.