Digital stereo generator and audio processor

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    The COM LIM 60 is an all-in-one equipment (5 bands audio processor with MPX generator, MPX decoder, RDS encoder, loudness control (EBU R 128 and ITU-R BS.1770-4) and changeover/silence detector) for FM applications (15KHz processing) and DAB, HD radio, Sirius XM, Web (20KHz processing).
    The COM LIM 60 sounds great, allowing giving personality to your station by choosing, from the many presets, the one that better suits the style of your radio.
    Fully customizable top class audio processing tools with 5 bands compression control, adjustable drive and threshold, dual AGC, 3 bands equalization (low, mid and high frequency), stereo enhancer, voice detector and 5 limiters.
    The RDS “dynamic” features allow managing many kinds of services: PS, RT, RT+, PTY, PTYN. Connecting the COM LIM 60 with the radio automation software, it can manage much additional information such as song title, song artist, on-air program, speaker’s name, etc.
    The MPX encoder and the dynamic RDS encoder are both integrated in the DSP structure providing an almost ideal MPX signal, easy to integrate with the customer infrastructure.


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