2000W HPPS FM transmitter

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The 2KW FM transmitter, EM 2000 HE HOT PLUG, has been created by the OMB center of development for high efficiency transmitters. It consists on the high efficiency 2KW amplifier, FMA 2000 HE HP-PS, with >73% efficiency and the EM 25 DIG PLUS, a 25W FM exciter/transmitter. The high efficiency 2KW amplifier has an approximate consumption of 2600VA at 230Vac, so it pays for itself in a short period of time due to its low consumption. This transmitter can be supplied with the following options:
– Stereo generator
– Web server/SNMP telemetry
– AES/EBU digital audio input

– Typical AC efficiency >73% and typical RF efficiency of 84%.
– Two amplifying modules of 1.200W with robust LDMOS transistors of the latest technology.
– Power supplies of the amplifier are hot removable and interchangeable.
– Two independent switching power supplies connected in parallel to maintain the equipment working in case any of them fails.
– TFT screen and touch keyboard to control and to visualize operation parameters.
– Memory recording of events.
– Speed control of cooling fans according to temperature of power modules so as to optimize consumption and to decrease acoustic contamination.
– Advanced protection against load mismatches without transmission cuts and fast protection in case of excessive reflected power and/or excessive input power.
– Analog telemetry, digital remote control and telemetry RS232, remote control by opened/closed contacts.
– Low pass filter, Mains EMI filter and internal single-phase transient suppressor.
– Automatic power reduction at night when used in combination with the EM 25 DIG PLUS transmitter.
– Automatic power reduction in case of high temperature, the equipment returns automatically to its rated power value when the temperature reaches back an average value.
– Automatic power reduction in case of excessive reflected power.
– Automatic voltage control for efficiency optimization.